Weeds: from Foe to Friend


Imagine not having to weed a garden? Ahhh, time for the more fun jobs. No weeds and no poison? Easy! Throw away the herbicides and instead learn to read the weeds. What are they telling you about gaps in the garden? Do you need more mulch or better soil care? Are you mowing the lawn too short?

Weeds present an opportunity to learn about our soil, our garden and our environment, if only we will listen. They provide important soil care, critical insect habitat and even delicious and nutritious free food. Join  Kate on a wonderful journey into the world of weeds, at her talks, workshops and in the booklet.

The Booklet

Kate's detailed notes on integrated weed management, putting weeds to use and edible weeds is available for $10 or $13 posted in Australia

Can you REALLY eat weeds?

You betcha! I love my weeds and eat heaps of them. They make for free, easy to grow and very nutritious food. Try making a pesto with one third basil and 2 thirds edible weeds - yum! MUCH more info in my booklet, but see below for pictures of some of my favourite edible weeds.